Monday, March 28, 2011

Being Daddy and a few things I've learned along the way

     We had to skip Noche de Hogar today. It wont be skipped till next week but we did have to move it to tomorrow. I felt bad about it. The kids really love FHE. I didn't want to skip out on a chance to blog about my favorite subject though. My lil ones.      

  Being a father is by far my favorite thing in the world. What I love most about Noche de Hogar es que the kids really listen. My heart feels like its about to burst every time they are involved and having fun. Waking up and seeing my wife and kids every day is my constant reminder that my Heavenly Father loves me. I was given the honor to help raise His little ones. To guide them and teach them the best I can.

   I been learning a lot as I stumble my way through fatherhood. I pick up new things here and there. One of the little things I've learned that has changed my way of parenting was that any consequence to a negative action has to be relative to what they did wrong and it also has to be fair in terms of severity. Sometimes as parents we can get all worked up and just yell "go to your room!" In doing this, we have completely missed out on a learning experience. As parents we have to prepare our kids for the real world. I have set up Andrei's room in a way where its fairly easy for him to keep track of his toys. He knows that if he leaves them laying around and doesn't put them back in their place, I'ma take care of them for him. Since I started doing that Andrei has been taking more care of his toys.
   I'm still fairly new to the Church. I'm still learning so much every time I pick up my scriptures or go to church. Flor is a excellent teacher too. I learn a lot from her not only in Church related topics but also about life. She is an great mother and she helps me be a better daddy. Being LDS has changed my life. With all my heart and soul I know the Church is true. The Church has many doctrines that I love. One of the things the Church emphasizes and that has really begun to change my behavior is the focus on free will and personal choice. I try to make sure the kids always have a choice. They can choice whether they make good choices or bad choices. Both have consequences.

On a side note today was fun! I took the kids to play at a playground for a bit. Nati, Andrei and me where running around playing football. Whoever had the ball had to run and not get tackled. We ran up and down the slides, jumped off the stairs and bolted up around the playground. I could still keep up but now I know I got to keep in shape as they get older! I don't want be the old fat dad who can't take the kids hiking cuz he starts wheezing 50 yards into the hike haha Oh and if you are wondering Adrian was chilling watching us run around. He is happy as long as he is included. Lol.

   Well, maybe 30 mins into our football game Andrei puked. So Nati and me said, "Ewww" and the game kinda ended. We just decided to leave since it was windy anyways and Andrei was stinky. As we drove home, Nati reminded us about Guitar Center and we took a detour and went to check out the guitars and drums. Man, some of those guitars are ill. Nati and the boys loved it. They are all really into music, not just listening, but instruments and singing too. Andrei is a natural. He grabbed a Ukelele and started strumming! Nati was fascinated by the electric guitars. She just sat on a stool and kept playing with all the guitars. They loved the drums too. All in all it was fun to window shop at the Guitar store.
   After our adventure, we went back home to pick up mommy. We all went to meet Andrei's new T-ball team. We are the Angels this season. I'ma be assistant coach.
  We didn't have Noche de Hogar, but we always have fun together and are close knit and inseparable. We will have Noche de Hogar tomorrow and I will make sure to post it up here. I just had a few thoughts that i felt like writing down.


  1. wow Isaac this post is awesome :-) Love to see your thoughts.

  2. Awww . I love love love this post! lets hear more of you less of Flor. hahaha totally joking. I love the writing skills you both have. Y cuanto aman el ser padres. Me alegra que esten juntos , hacen una linda pareja.

  3. Aww, love the post too! What great parents those three little ones have :)