Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 2... or should i say #2....

While Flor was confronting white supremacy alongside her team of black and brown intellectual cohorts, Isaac and the kids had a struggle of their own................

Aawwwww!!! Maggie and me where late again. This whole wake-each-other-up thing isn't working out all to well. While i was getting ready i went to check on the boys. i was instantly knocked back by this nasty stink. i look in Andrei's bed and he is laying in his poop.

Andrei woke up like he went to sleep. He had a big stomachache and diarrhea. I took him to shower and i cleaned out the bed. I left the kids with my suegra and headed to work.

While i was driving to work my stomach started feeling weird. About two minutes later i was about to burst! i stopped at the Maverick in Midvale and use the restroom. When i got to work it was a full shop. Randy had called in the troops, which was fine with me cuz i went right to the bathroom. We finished in the shop in like an hour and a half. Since it was still pouring outside our event was cancelled and i got to go home early.

When i got home i got the scoop on how Nati had woke up and ran right to the bathroom and threw up.

I sit down on the couch and our fight against the evil stomach virus was about to begin.

Ima spare you the details of the war but i will skip to what our day consisted of: Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Silver Surfer, and sleeping.

Since it was all rainy outside and we all had some problems we stayed home and had the laziest day in Olivo-Giron history. We started by watching Zack and Cody for like 2 hours. It is a funny show. Then I introduced the kids to Silver Surfer!!! I was happy to instill some nerdiness to the next generation. I was proud at how quickly they picked up the story line and how much they thought that Galactus was a jerk. After a few episodes we went back to Zack and Cody.

We didn't get out of this routine until like 5 when Andrei was the first to get a little hungry. I made him some huevitos. He ate them. Nati had a apple then she puked it all out. Andrei kept all his food down. Lil Adrian was good all day. He was happy just lounging with us. He was all in the mix and crawling between us and playing.

At 6 I knew I had to get up and go buy that fish food. So i got the kids ready. Nati threw up again and so I decided i was just gonna risk it. I dont want our fishies to die. I am still grieving the death of our little chicken, which I had named Cesar Chavez but hadn't told Flor.

Luckily Rica asked to borrow the car so I told him if he could go get the fish food. He agreed and so i got to keep Nati from ruining the back seat and the fish where feed. It was glorious.

At 730 I put the movie, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer on. The kids where all into it since they had just learned Silver Surfers history. When Rica had gotten home he told me how they wouldn't take my card without ID at the fish store so he wasn't able to get the fish food. It was cool. Since the kids where entertained I just went to Wal-Mart. When I got home I put the kids to bed and I stayed up late Skyping with my baby.

We survived our encounter with the runs, we passed out till the morning.

We miss you Flor. Cant wait for you to come home. Love you


  1. wow i miss yall like crazy! :-) Last night was weird being here. One more night and I'll be home!

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