Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's lesson...... Reverence!!! M&M's and Dice

Tonight's Noche de Hogar was really good. I am starting to love to prepare and to lead the Noche de Hogar lessons. It makes me feel closer to our Heavenly Father as well as it is another recharge to my spirituality. Its seeing our lil ones talking about Jesus. Todays lesson was on Reverence

Himnos: " Con quitude" Canciones de Ninos #11
"Reverencia Mostrare" Canciones de Ninos #13

The Lesson started with me telling 4 stories. The first was Christ and the Sermon of the Mount, I showed them a pic of the Lord talking to the multitudes. I stressed how the people would listen to the words that He spoke. Then I showed them pictures of the Christ blessing the children and showed them how they also sat reverently around Him and heard His words. I then showed them pictures of the Lord appearing to the nephites and His blessing of the nephite children.
I tied that into how we hear Christs words and His teaching every week at church and how we must be reverent.
The activity involved us drawing a person on the white board and then going through how we act reverent with our legs, arms, body, head, eyes, ears and mouth. Every time the chose a good answer they would get a prize, which this time was an M&M.
The next activity was a dice game! The goal was to get 25 points. You roll the dice and which ever number you get is the number you are playing for. you then have to answer one question on how to act reverent. If you answer a good one then you get the points. Who ever wins get the prize!! (but really we all ended up getting prizes cuz we are all winners) lol
Today was a good day. It went real great. I think connecting reverence with respect and love for the Lord was a good strategy.

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  1. Loved Your Class Baby. Thanks for being so cool ;-)